In July, our team reached out to several neighbors in the area to present the plans for the site and gather feedback on what they desire most. In 2020, absolutely nothing is certain, but moving forward we want to consider every opportunity to make this project great for our neighbors.

After filing the pre-application in 2019, we received feedback from neighbors, tenants, the city and nearby businesses regarding the proposed redevelopment that was submitted for Lucky Plaza. Of biggest concern were the loss of existing retail in favor of apartments.

The property owner heard the community loud and clear. Residential growth in a city like ours is inevitable, and mixed use is the way of the future for many reasons. Our Greenbelt is “beachfront” property in Scottsdale – near a beautiful recreational amenity, golfing, water features and water fowl – and redevelopment aims to meet the needs of the current and future neighborhood as well as the city.

For this reason, the proposal today includes a healthy mix of residential and retail uses that are designed to draw in the surrounding neighborhoods and play on the incredible asset that is the Indian Bend Wash. City-mandated bike path improvements will accompany this project, creating opportunities for passersby to stop in the existing Starbucks on the property, or grab a bite and watch the sun set after a long day of golfing at the Continental Golf Course across the street.

We welcome the community’s feedback as we move forward in these strange social and economic times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing is certain, but one thing remains the same: our team wants this project to be something that creates a welcoming environment for new residents and is a hub for current neighbors that enhances their quality of life.