Project Renderings

Lucky Plaza Redevelopment

Residential | Restaurant | Retail | Lifestyle

  • Units are now reduced to 238u, including eight workforce units
  • Studio unit count decreed and increase 1 & 2 bed units
  • Fourth floor cut down by 45% mostly at the entire perimeter
  • Most of the building outside perimeter being three levels, 36 feet
  • Overall 4th floor height cut down to 45 feet
  • Retail 25,000 ft.² with an additional up to 4,000sq ft of flex space or retail ground floor
  • Apartment units ground floor in piazzo reduced/removed
  • Apartments above retail near Starbucks fourth floor cut, will be two levels of apartments above retail with some loft style units
  • Retail space ceiling height increased to 15 feet interior height
  • The Fourth floor above the lobby area facing Osborn cut back
  • The Fourth floor facing the golf course has been further cut back and the outside perimeter will be 36 feet
  • Despite rumors, the development is not a high-rise, not a mid-rise, as it is a low-rise between 24 to 36ft & 45 feet
  • Despite misconceptions the current buildings and architectural details are at 36 feet.
  • Licensed traffic engineers have clearly shown the new development proposed will have reduced traffic
  • Neighboring office building to the south under current zone is allowed to be 48 feet. Our further revised plan is proposed to be 24, 36 and 45 feet.



We ARE NOT building a high-rise. We will not be a mid rise, we will be a low rise residential community of 3 & 4 floors between 36 feet and 45 feet.
Reduction of traffic. The traffic engineer, with city data, has determined reduced daily traffic built out as apartments versus fully built out as a retail center or as supermarket. Overall reduction 1236 vehicle daily trips vs fully leased as a retail center.



PROJECT CHANGES / IMPROVEMENTS Per Development Review Board and Planning Commission requests:
  1. Agree to License Agreements for Public Paseo
  2. Agree to License Agreement for Public Plaza
  3. Agree to reversion clause for zoning approval (5.5 years)
  4. Agree to reduction of units from 300…down to 288… down to 278…down to 250 residences
  5. Agree to increase Retail/Restaurant sqft to match existing shops sqft (25K sqft)
  6. Agree to prohibit residential units on ground level “flex space” area north of garage
  7. Agree to additional design detail for Public Greenbelt Paseo, Plaza, and Retail frontage
  8. Agree to enhanced landscape standards beyond City requirements
  9. Agree to a minimum of 2 art installations along Paseo (preference for local artists)
  10. Agree to adopt and abide by the IGCC / Scottsdale Green Building Program
  11. Agree to commitment of Dog Run for residents
  12. Agree to commitment of secured bike parking for residents
  13. Agree to increase parking to accommodate residential guest parking
  14. Agree to enhanced architectural design standards (no stucco or EFIS on 1st or 2nd floors, etc.)
  15. Agree to remove cantilever of 3rd and 4th floor facing greenbelt
Additional project info:
  • The current mix of unit types is 29% Studio, 48% 1 Bedroom, 23% 2 Bedroom–not finalized but this is the target mix
  • No short term rentals
  • Condo plat is agreed so can convert from apartments in the future
The developer will pay for a new left turn signal at Osborn/Hayden Road


City Council Meeting of November 16, 2021 granting a continuance with Vice Mayor Tammy Caputi recognizing and acknowledging the progress and expense associated with further developer changes.

On August 25, 2021, the Scottsdale Planning Commission voted to recommend the Greenbelt 88 Project for approval as we prepare to go before City Council on November 16th.

Watch the DRB presentation and glowing feedback from all Board Members regarding
the changes and work the development team has done with the community.
We are grateful for their time and input as we worked with them through the approval process.
Full presentation starts when you press play (3:30). Board Member comments begin at the 3:58 mark.

We are working hard to make this a winning project for our south Scottsdale neighborhood!