In January 2020, the City of Scottsdale produced this report outlining recent new development and infill projects that injected new life into struggling properties and vacant dirt lots:

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As we quickly approach total buildout in the city, it’s important to acknowledge that change is necessary and good for the future of Scottsdale. This document helps us visualize what this can look like for new projects city-wide.

Fun fact: Scottsdale is the top destination in the country for relocations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to being the number one city for residential moves, it is also a hot spot for business relocations as well.

Welcome or not, growth is, without a doubt, a balancing act. Some have claimed we will become the next L.A., but rest assured that not only will that never happen, it is physically impossible given the current urban planning and layout of the city.

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