See What's Planned

A Rare Opportunity

on Scottsdale's Indian Bend Wash

This project is moving forward through the entitlement process and we continue to gather feedback from the community and city leadership. As we move toward more detailed renderings and programming for the site, we will continue to share updates and gather feedback.

The project team envisions this as a community- and wellness-focused, mixed-use development that gives new residents and the surrounding neighborhoods a place to enjoy our climate and take advantage of recreation on the Greenbelt. You can use the soon-to-be-updated bike path along Osborn, with direct connectivity to Old Town, Scottsdale Stadium, Honor Health, Civic Center Park and library, and everything else the surrounding area has to offer – or simply relax on the shaded patio with a drink while watching the sun set behind Camelback Mountain.

There will be plenty of parking, but residents can easily live a pedestrian- and bike-friendly lifestyle, while creating opportunities for current neighbors to do the same.

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    Osborn Bike Path Improvements are being done by the city with connectivity to Old Town
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    Public Open Space sandwiched between two retail/restaurant uses across from Continental Golf Course
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    25,000 SF total of new restaurant and retail space - updated from 21,000 in original proposal. The UPS Store was the first existing tenant that expressed their desire to be included in the new redevelopment.
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    Three open courtyards overlooking the Greenbelt - golf, bike paths, and sunsets await!
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    Parking structure to serve residents - updated to fit the forthcoming text amendment for parking requirements
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    New retail use on the first floor. What would you like to see here?
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    Existing - Starbucks undergoing expansion into former Subway space
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    Existing - Carl's Jr.
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    Existing - Arizona Federal Credit Union
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    East side of Hayden: Carlsbad Tavern, car wash, the Local Donut, flower shop, and other additional small businesses
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    288 apartment units, replacing previous plan with 300 (originally 388) units based on community feedback
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    New residential use actually REDUCES traffic in the area, according to our traffic study.

What's in it for me?

Benefits for neighbors

Public Benefit Number One:

Activates public open space along the coveted Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt

Currently, the back of the plaza and a walled-off parking lot is connected to the Greenbelt – not the best use of one of Scottsdale’s premier properties near a popular golf course with water features and wildlife. This redevelopment adds residential opportunities to a rapidly growing area, while retaining retail and restaurant use for the greater community. The site has been master-planned to dovetail into the existing bike path on the Greenbelt and the soon-to-be-improved path along Osborn, creating connectivity to the Continental Golf Course and Old Town Scottsdale’s vast amenities.

Potential perks include: 

  • Running “track” surrounding the project with distance markers
  • Benches overlooking the lake and Camelback Mountain to the west
  • Quality apartments you will be proud to call home
Public Benefit Number Two:

Reduced traffic

Often, residents worry that with new residential use comes greater traffic issues. However, the opposite is true. Strict retail use actually aggravates the number of cars on the road, whereas mixed-use developments like this one help to reduce traffic numbers by combining trips and creating walkable areas. 

Potential perks include: 

  • A covered parking garage to serve residents and surface parking for retail use
  • The property will be bordered to the west and north by city-mandated bike path improvements, creating a more pedestrian- and bike-friendly area for all residents
Public Benefit Number Three:

New Restaurant and Retail Options

Our initial site plan submitted in 2019 was designed to include primarily apartments as we reviewed the retail center’s expiring leases. Due to feedback from the community, the team has reconsidered and, despite COVID-19 issues, we have redesigned the site to include retail and restaurant space and will offer our current tenants the opportunity to be part of the redevelopment. While we cannot speak for the owners of these businesses in what is no doubt one of the most economically unpredictable eras in history, we are building this project with spaces intentionally designed for restaurants and retail opportunities to serve the surrounding neighborhoods. The market ultimately decides, but we have created synergy between the Greenbelt, the golf course, and along Hayden Road that we hope will result in placemaking that draws in the surrounding community.

Potential perks include: 

  • A breakfast concept across from the Continental Golf Course
  • We are working with current tenants to give them the opportunity to relocate to our new buildings
  • We are exploring programming the site to have a health and wellness focus that attract tenants that suit that lifestyle

The site in context with

the greenbelt, water features, and the Continental Golf Course