Resources for Residents

Development Proposal

First submitted in September 2020, and undergoing a number of meaningful revisions based on community and city feedback in the months since, the purpose of this application is two-fold: (1) to save this corner as a commercial retail center and, in doing so, (2) create a vibrant, mixed-use development that embraces the Greenbelt and will be an asset to the City and local community for decades to come. Under the current property layout and the dated retail paradigm the property currently serves, the above stated goal is an impossibility. Quite simply put, the property must update and change, or it will suffer the same sad fate seen by numerous retail centers across the nation that struggle with increasing vacancy or simply “go dark” and await an unknown future.

Download the plan here

Scottsdale's General Plan

The General Plan of Scottsdale is an aspirational, citizen-ratified document that guides how our city grows. The Area Character Plans function as elements within that plan that address regional, demographic changes within the city and work to address them in specific ways.

Scottsdale's General Plan

Southern Scottsdale Area Character Plan

This document is key to understanding why certain projects make it through the pipeline. Often it is due to city planning done in partnership with residents. Read the Southern Scottsdale Area Character Plan here.

Southern Scottsdale Area Character Plan

ULI Fact Sheet

This is a great Myths vs. Facts study on density in cities that helps answer a lot of questions and common concerns encountered in communities nationwide. While written in 2005, the same principles apply today – and many will surprise you!

ULI Density Myths Vs. Facts